XTRO Explores the Joys of an Alien Pregnancy

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Early 1980s Alien ripoff flick XTRO is about as incoherent as you can get and still be classified as scifi rather than whatever genre the Cremaster movies are in. Still it offers us a few joys, such as this utterly demented scene of an alien impregnating a human female. I love when the, uh, organ comes out of his alien fly (?) or orifice. Reminds me of the brilliant Canadian movie Decoys 2, where the ladies impregnate men with the old tentacle-in-mouth trick (clearly spearheaded by XTRO). There's also an "after" scene below.

Here our poor disposable lady gives birth to a full-grown Adrian Brody-looking dude. Gross! What is it with gigantic birth scenes in scifi? There's one in Slither, too.