Yep, This Adorable Mini Macintosh Is Fully Functional

Apple's compact Mac mini isn't as popular as it once was, but the company could easily make it a hot seller again if they just followed John Leake's lead and turned it into a miniature Macintosh. At one-third the size of the original, it's pretty much too cute to resist.

Using a Raspberry Pi at its core running an emulator called Mini vMac, Leake's creation is fully functional—minus the faux disk drive in the front. But that's easy to overlook since nobody has floppies kicking around anymore anyways—let alone ones that small.


On the back you'll find a pair of USB ports, as well as ethernet and HDMI. And 'round front a 3.5-inch, 320x200 LCD display trades authenticity for crisp icons and legible text. Sadly Leake has no intentions of putting these tiny homages into production, partly because it was a labor of love, and partly because Apple's legal team would probably have something to say about it. [RetroMacCast via Taxi]

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