Yes, "The 4400" Was Partly About Scientology

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I have long had a theory that bizarro conspiracy/time travel/mutant superpowers show The 4400 was partly about Scientology. There was the weird cult leader Jordan Collier, the sleekly expensive 4400 building, and the belief that everybody can become superpowered if they'd just donate money or time to the 4400 group. But were the references to Scientology just accidental, or intentional?


At last I have my answer. I cornered 4400 co-creator Scott Peters at the Warner Bros. party at Comic-Con and asked him what he thought of my theory. He laughed and said with exaggerated understatement, "Oh yeah, it's about that just a little bit. The Scientologists never came after us, though."



The Scientology parody was pretty obvious in the first season or so, but grew less relevant as the series progressed.

FYI: By coincidence, a new novel that picks up where the tv show left off goes on sale tomorrow. THE 4400: WELCOME TO PROMISE CITY by Greg Cox.