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Ymup Oxygen Generating Backpack For Thin-Air Adventures

Illustration for article titled Ymup Oxygen Generating Backpack For Thin-Air Adventures

A Japanese company named Ymup is set to unveil what is being touted as the world's first oxygen generating backpack. The generator itself is battery powered and should give climbers about 2 hours of O2 at a 30% concentration. It can even be operated via remote control should you need to remove your gear to negotiate a tight space. I don't think that the Ymup backpack is ready for an Everest expedition just yet, but it could be extremely useful for less extreme climbs (especially if a solar panel was added down the line). The Ymup is set to be released on July 31st with price-points ranging from $880 to $1,150. [Ymup via Crave via Ubergizmo via Crunchgear]


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If this could let an asthmatic enjoy hiking, then that's pretty cool, too.