You Can Finally Buy an LG OLED TV (In Korea Only, For Now)

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Last year at CES, LG showed us a beautiful OLED television that we were promised would hit the market in 2012. It never arrived. Now, almost exactly a year later, LG has started taking orders for a gorgeous 55-inch OLED TV it announced earlier this week.


Reuters reports that LG's 55-inch OLED has hit the retail market in South Korea for about $10,000 a pop. At that price, commissioning a container ship to carry one stateside for you will hardly cost anything. According to the report, the OLED TVs are expected to hit showrooms in the US and Europe in the first quarter of this year. Now that the OLED seal has been broken, we're looking forward what other manufacturers have in store for our viewing (and purchasing) pleasure at CES next week. [Reuters]

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OLED has a lot of the same problems as early plasmas. Not great in brigt rooms, burn in issues, longevity issues, and price. Until those get worked out, I'll just stick with plasma.