The Gauntlet Is Down: LG Unveils 4K and OLED Sets for 2013

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Early adopters will have something to crow about in the new year. LG has just announced its 2013 television lineup, which will be headlined by a massive, 84-inch 4K and 55-inch OLED sets.


In all, LG is rolling out 19 models for the new year—a trio of 42-, 50, and 60-inch plasmas, 15 22- to 60-inch class LED sets, plus the super-sized 4k. LG's mid and upper range Smart TV offerings will all feature Magic Remote compatibility—what with its motion, scroll, and voice search options. In addition, the GA6400 and GA7900 models will also be outfitted with Google TV and QWERTY remotes for faster searches and more intuitive web browsing (if you're one of the half dozen people that actually uses TVs for that sort of thing). On the hardware side, LG has reportedly upgraded both the CPU and GPU chipsets in its Smart TVs to deliver 120 and 300 percent performance improvements, respectively.


We have yet to hear any rumblings on pricing for the any of the new models, or firm shipping dates for that matter, but will update this post as soon as we do.

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Edify the ignorant. What source material is available to take advantage of such a TV?