You Can Finally Buy the X-Files Minifigs That Lego Won't Make

Now that the X-Files is officially returning, Lego fans have decided that Minifig versions of Scully and Mulder are must-have additions to their collections. Lego has tried to suppress that truth, though, so has stepped up to create tiny versions of the FBI’s best paranormal investigators.


The custom X-Files Minifigs are compatible with all of your existing plastic building toys, but they’re not an official Lego product, nor are they officially licensed by 20th Century Fox. So instead of Agent Scully, you’ll have to be content with an Agent Mully.

And Fox Mulder now goes by his lawsuit-free alias, Agent Sculder. If you choose to keep the Minifigs in the packaging you’ll have to explain to everyone why they’re named so peculiarly, but if you’re displaying just the figures, few people will realize these are custom creations.

At close to $20 each, X-Files fans will be paying a premium to introduce these Minifigs to their Lego towns and cities. But who else is going to figure out why all those Lego cows keep disappearing in the middle of the night? []


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