You Can Get 10TB of Free Cloud Storage If You Trust This Random Company

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Cloud storage hotshots will give you a few GB to get started, but a Chinese tech company called Tencent is offering an insane 10TB. For free. All you have to do is trust them.


To get your free space, you just have to sign up for an account with Tecent's QQ instant messaging service, download their mobile app (Android or iOS), and activate your free storage on the promo site. But! There are two little catches.

First, you won't get it all at once. Instead, Tencent will start you out with a (still hefty) 1TB to start, and then as you fill it up, they'll apparently pump up your limit until it hits 10TB. No word on whether or not it goes back down if you delete stuff, but there's only one way to find out.

Second, where the hell are these guys getting so much free server space, and why would you ever trust them with that much of your data? Are they using looping hard drives? What is going on?

Aside from the too-good-to-be-trueness of 10TB and any resulting trust issues, Tecent's app is also entirely in Chinese, so good luck trying to use it. But maybe this can put some pressure on other cloud players to up the free storage ante? That's sort like asking someone with a water gun to step up its game against a nuclear threat, but it's worth a shot.

Really though, 10TB might actually be too much free stuff. [Tencent Cloud (Weiyun) via The Next Web]


Update: OK OK, we get it. Tencent is huge in China. But it also has zero presence in the US. It's a random place for the bulk of our readership to find 10TB of cloud storage. Not small, not non-existent. Just… random.

Update 2: All right, so they have a huge gaming presence here. We were very wrong about the scale of things. Any implications that Tencent is somehow a no-name is clearly a mistake. We just meant that, as far as cloud storage in the United States goes, Tencent strikes us as random player to bust onto the scene with 10TB of free storage. That's all.




I'm sorry Eric, but you just sound incredibly ignorant right now. Tencent is the third largest internet company in the world (behind only Google and Amazon), with a market capitalization of $90 billion. They run one of the most popular chat services in the world, issue credit cards and handle billions of dollars in payments, and own minority stakes in Epic Games, Riot Games, Blizzard, etc.

Calling them "some random company" and implying they are scam artists is just ... uneducated? nationalistic? I'm not sure, but it seriously does not reflect well on you or Giz.