You Can Have $15 or a Bumper Case from Apple's Antennagate Settlement

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Apparently, the "you're holding it wrong defense" didn't work as well as Apple had hoped. The company has agreed to settle a class-action lawsuit and will give US iPhone 4 buyers their choice of $15 or a bumper case.


The suit was originally filed in 2010 and alleged that "the case and antenna design has led to a substantial degradation in signal quality and dropped calls when the phone is used in a normal and foreseeable fashion by users."

Customers that purchased an iPhone 4 will be able to redeem their payout from when the site goes live. Apple will also alert affected customers via email by April 30th. Anyone that bought an iPhone 4 before Friday should be eligible though There's no word if that applies to customers who have already accepted a free case from Apple. [PC World - The Verge]



Such a deal! The American justice system at work..

Apple sells a phone that doesn't work and ties it to AT&T's "unlimited data" plan that doesn't provide unlimited data. The biters are out maybe $1500-2000 for the cost of the phone and service over the course of a 2 year contract and all they get in return is a 10 cent piece of plastic or $15 cash.

There's a lesson somewhere in this story, I hope people are smart enough to learn from it.