You Can Now Port Your Own Number to Google Voice (Updated)

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Yes-oh-yes-oh-yes! You can now finally port your own mobile phone number over to Google Voice. Only catches are that you'll have to pay $20 and have to deal with potential early termination fees being assessed by your current carrier. Updated.


Definitely worth the trouble for those who have been itching to use their current mobile number instead of one provided by Google. [Google via Twitter via Engadget]

Updated: Some commenters have noticed that this option has disappeared for them, or wasn't available in the first place. TechCrunch spoke with Google, who stated "we're continually testing new features to enhance the user experience. For a limited amount of time, we're making the Google Voice number porting process available to users. We don't have any additional details to share at this time, but plan to offer this feature to all users in the near future."

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So wait a second, my Verizon contract is up already this month, so I can take my number and use it for google voice? So I don't need a phone plan at all? Do I need an android phone if I wanna use it better (texts, etc). I guess I'm not fully understanding what this means. I don't think I'm the only one by looking at these other comments.

If it is possible, I would get a Droid 2, take my number to Google voice, and just use that as a service. But that doesn't seem possible because it is too good to be true. Google voice would still need some kind of cellular service wouldn't it? So I could take my number to Google voice, THEN start a new contract with Verizon or whomever? So my number would be associated?

Someone please make me feel less dumb.