You Can Now Send Facebook Wall Posts Back in Time

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The Facebook wall is our social document of record. Etched in rock like an Attic tablet, the things said on a wall provide a poignant look back at who said what, and when. Not anymore. Timeline lets you rewrite history.

I noticed today while trying to delete some banal crap off my wall that I was able to, via the new "Edit or Remove" pencil icon, change the date of someone else's wall posting. So I did. I literally moved what she said back in time, to a month ago (albeit with a tiny clock icon indicating as much). Then I pushed further—I moved another friend's wall post back to 2006, years before I would even meet her. Luckily, the space-time continuum seems to have maintained its integrity, but what the hell?


What a dishonest, bizarre feature! It must either be a bug or terrible design, because I can't imagine any reason why it'd be in Facebook's interests as a social network to allow us to completely revise our social history. Timeline is about life events, such as "overcoming illnesses" and "new relationships," which have to be added manually—so the ability to edit those make sense. But being able to fling correspondance through past and future? What sort of science fiction Timeline is this?

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Essentially it's the extension of location tagging. You make a post and can claim you did it from any particular location. Now you can add a dimension in time to that location.

Useful? Unlikely. I doubt anyone would care to search your newsfeed by time - unless you're a dataminer. Which explains why FB does anything at all.