You Can Play Doom on Apple's Touch Bar But It's Not Pretty

When it first launched, Doom was the pinnacle of first-person shooters. Now the whole thing runs on Apple’s high-tech function key replacement. (Macbook Pro, baby!)


The Touch Bar is just the most recent (and ridiculous) piece of hardware to run the classic game. Graphing calculators? Those run Doom. Inkjet printers? Yup— Doom. There’s even an entire Tumblr dedicated to the incredible lengths people go to get Doom playable on decidedly Doom-unfriendly machines. But the Touch Bar might as yet render the most unplayable version of the game, as a result of its long, narrow screen.

We’ll know in due time if the Touch Bar is a useful feature or a huge flop. But we can say confidently and despite no one previously considering it for this purpose: the Touch Bar sucks for playing Doom.

[9to5 Mac]

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Doesn’t matter if the touchbar is a huge flop. It’s Apple. No one cares anymore. If Apple does it it’s the best thing since sliced bread. If Apple made proprietary bricks made from the mortar of Apache settlements, forged in the fires of Mt. St. Helen and charged 10 times the amount for a basic brick, people would buy them because Apple!