The Apple Watch's interface has intrigued many of us since it was presented earlier this fall—and since then, we've seen several developers apply the same logic to smartphones. Now there's a fully functional version available on Cydia's app store for the more adventurous among us.

The tweak is called Aeternum (the Latin for "eternity") because of its endless pan action, and it'll cost you $2.99 to download from Cydia. Like Watch Spring and Lucas Menge's prototype, it turns your iPhone's SpringBoard into an offset grid of circular apps patterned across a wide field—you pan through that single field to find what you want, similar to the interaction style we saw on the Apple Watch earlier this year. It also has a fancy pants "wiggle mode" feature that lets you move the icons:


Now, before you jump down to the comments to describe how terrible this idea is, take a minute to appreciate that these are experiments—the developers behind them aren't claiming they're necessarily better than iOS 8, just different. And there's something great about people creating wacky new interfaces for a device that's not quite as customizable as its smartphone peers. [Redmond Pie]

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