You Can Watch So Many Great Classic Films on Amazon Instant Right Now

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I'm a sucker for classic films, for the days when CGI was pure fiction, and films had to work with technological limitations and rely on, you know, like acting and cinematography and stuff. Call me crazy!


And for 2015, Amazon has just added three of my favorites to their instant streaming roster: Breakfast at Tiffany's, It Happened One Night, and On the Waterfront. Let's just forget that Tiffany's is arguably Audrey Hepburn's best performance and One Night might be Frank Capra's absolute best. It's On the Waterfront that's the real contender here (that's the only pun I promise keep reading, please).

This film is just raw awesome, old or otherwise. Brando as Terry Malloy is joy to watch as he battles against dock mobsters and his own shattered self-worth. Of course, everyone is familiar with the "I coulda beena contenduh" scene, but the story wrapped around that one great line is equally compelling.

If any of these three films are still missing from your cinematic repertoire, now's the perfect night to fill in some gaps. [Amazon Instant Video]

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I wouldn't class the racist Breakfast at Tiffany's as a great movie...