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You Can't Escape The Beastwizard! (As If You'd Want To)

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

This moment from last night's Sarah Connor Chronicles illustrates perfectly why the Terminator spin-off show is one of the most inventive and bizarre on television. Our bad Terminator has stolen the identity of an out-of-work actor, George Lazlo, and then gone and wasted 20 FBI agents to the strains of Johnny Cash. Now Lazlo is being blamed for the massacre, and his old direct-to-video sword-and-sandal movies are becoming cult classics as a result. It may be a little bit loopy, but if it lets us see Garret Dillahunt stretching out in a new direction, then it rules. Another great clip from Beastwizard, featuring the best use of tiger stock footage ever, below.

Last night's episode was all about Garret Dillahunt, really. His bad Terminator with the fresh sideburns kidnapped the wife of Sarah Connor's ex and used her to set up an elaborate plan to get to John Connor. (Maybe a little too elaborate, actually.) This gave Garret the chance to go full-on creepy, especially when he rigged Penny from Lost up with a fake bomb and a bunch of mousetraps while soliloquizing about the mousetrap in general. Pretty much everybody in the cast got to shine this time around, especially Dean Winters as Sarah's ex Charley, who managed to pack a lot of subtext and emotion into every moment he was on screen. Lena Headey was also great, especially in the scene where she's having to decide whether to rush to John's aid or stop her stolen van in the slim hope of saving Charley's wife. I love the cold-bitch-who-secretly-cares vibe she was casting Charley's way throughout. And Brian Austin Green continues to be amazing, making us sympathize with him despite his wanting to leave Charley's wife for dead.

Since I already wrote a whole blog post about Thomas Dekker's portrayal of John Connor yesterday, I'll just skip over it today, except to say I hope "Cat Fancy" is still his nickname when he's a big deal resistance leader years from now. It could be the one code the machines never crack — the secret identity of the mysterious Cat Fancy, scourge of Skynet.