You Can't Handle Seeing Goku's Monster Form

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Next year's Dragonball movie continues to show all the signs of being an entertaining but demented cheesefest that will probably enrage fans of the original anime series. The latest indignity: a leaked photo that apparently shows what happens to Goku when he gets too much moonshine. If you think Justin Chatwin looks ridiculous as Goku normally, then you should see him when he's excited. Warning: the image (below the fold) is spoilery and may make you want to claw your own eyes out with a trowel.

The only consolation I can offer is that the image may be an unfinished verison of Goku's Oozaru form. It's possible he'll look different in the final version. The early test screening reports said the Oozaru transformation was cool-looking, but too heavy on the CGI. So they may pretty it up for the actual screen version. But still, this is not promising. The image is almost certainly genuine, because DBTheMovie already took it down from their site after Fox complained. In the manga and anime series, when Goku looks at the full moon, he transforms into a giant ape, known as the Oozaru. And under certain circumstances, Goku can also transform into a golden version of his Oozaru form. (See top image.) Apparently, the Oozaru transformation is one that only certain members of the Saiyan species can do, and you can only become an Oozaru if your tail is present, because the glands that allow the transformation are in the tail. [DBTheMovie via Iwatchstuff]