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You Could Almost Live Inside Lego's Massive New Ninjago City Set

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Lego’s third feature-length animated film, The Lego Ninjago Movie, doesn’t hit theaters until September. But the toymaker has already started to reveal a new series of sets based on the movie, which feature ninjas, giant robots, and... wait, do you really need anything else in a movie?

But instead of starting off slowly—maybe revealing a minifigure or two—Lego has instead given us all the details on its forthcoming Ninjago City playset built from 4,867 pieces. If you’re keeping score, that makes this one of the top five largest sets Lego has ever produced.


A lot of those pieces go into creating the intricate detailing in Ninjago City, which includes a sliding elevator; a fish market; a stream running through town; various stores selling clothing, comic books, and food; a cash-dispensing ATM; a radio tower; and even a sushi bar complete with a conveyor belt. The playset splits into three sections so you have access to all of the hidden features, but when fully assembled it stands over two feet tall.


Ninjago City also comes with 16 Lego minifigures in total, whose identities will probably make more sense once the actual movie hits theaters. Until then, you’ll want to mark September 1 in your calendars, as that’s when Lego will officially make this set available for $300.