These nails are sporting an unmistakable dose of Basquiat with a smattering of Warhol. It's not a rendering—it's real, hand-painted nail art, taken from Nail Art History, a brand new Tumblr that showcases some very impressive manicures based rather accurately on real works of modern art.

Sure, nail art is on-trend right now, but forget about a regular set of painted paws or a basic design. Susi Kenna's Tumblr is an impressive showcase of nail art on a whole new level. Check out a few examples:

Picasso by Mei Kawajiri and @ciaomanhattan2012

Fred Tomaselli by Jessica Washick and @jessicawashick

Julie Chiang by Mei Kawajiri and @ciaomanhattan2012:

Below each project, Kenna credits both the original artist and the nail artist—both of whom are very much artists, though in different senses of the word. Amazing! [Nail Art History via Creators Project]