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You Have No Reason Not to Upgrade To Philips' New $5 LED Light Bulb

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Unless you refuse to light the room where you write about conspiracy theories with anything but antiquated incandescent bulbs, you really don’t have a single reason not to upgrade to Philips’ new 60-watt equivalent LED bulbs that cost just five bucks without a utility rebate.

It will officially be the cheapest 60-watt equivalent LED bulb you can buy when available at Home Depot starting in May in both 2700K and 5000K color temperature versions. And thanks to a shatter-resistant design, it should easily survive its 10-year expected lifespan, costing just over a dollar per year to power its 800 lumens output.

And in celebration of Earth Day tomorrow, Philips and Home Depot have actually teamed up to make the bulb available in a two-for-one pack for the first 90 days. So you can actually get a pair of 60-watt LED bulbs for just five dollars—which should make upgrading your home a whole lot cheaper. [ Philips Lighting]