The Nunchuck iPhone Case You Never Knew You Needed Until Just Now

The smartphone is the ultimate tool for fiddling around when you should be doing anything but. And when you get tired of all your apps, games, and social networks, this wonderful sliding, hinged iPhone case turns your device into a makeshift set of nunchucks—or nunchaku.


The Trick Cover case certainly adds a bit of extra protection to your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, but the real reason you'll want one is because the sliding hinge it uses for the screen cover lets it be flipped around spun for performing very Michelangelo-esque (the mutant turtle) moves. It's also just $30 so when it inevitably slips out of your hand and shatters, you won't feel so bad about it. But that's assuming your iPhone 6 also survives your ninja-like performance. [NITTO Products Shop via FastCo Design]

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Shattered iPhones in 3...2...1...