You Will Never Forget the Sound of a Stretch Armstrong Toy Being Shredded

Having already smooshed everything imaginable, the internet is ready to leave hydraulic presses behind and now focus its collective interest on weird things you can stick in an industrial shredder. First up is a classic Stretch Armstrong toy ,whose moist, squishy death cries will haunt your nightmares.


Featuring a body made of latex rubber filled with a stretchy gel (which was originally gelled corn syrup) the Stretch Armstrong action figure can be stretched from 15-inches long to almost five-feet without it tearing. Impressive stretching capabilities don’t mean anything to an industrial shredder, which quickly devours Armstrong, turning the hero into the equivalent of ground beef.

Stretch Armstrong did get his revenge, as cleaning the industrial shredder after this experiment was even more nightmarish.

[YouTube via The Awesomer]


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