Most of us don't mind playing with a basketball made from synthetic materials because they're just going to get all scuffed up on the court, and they're cheap. That being said, there are always those who prefer the finer things in life, and for them a game of hoops is only enjoyable when played with a ball made from the finest embossed Italian leathers.

It might look like some of Unofish's basketballs are made from even more exotic materials like snakeskin or alligator hides, but it's all strictly leather that's been treated with unique textures to appear even more luxurious. The balls also come in an impressive variety of color schemes—no longer is orange your only option—but at $249 each, they're definitely not budget-friendly. And who would dare try to even dribble one of these works or art, let alone throw it through an elevated metal hoop? [Unofish via Uncrate]

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