You Won't Believe How HUGE This Battlestar Galactica Model Is

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Say what you will about the rabidness of Star Trek and Star Wars fans, Battlestar Galactica has fans like Gary King who build incredible six-foot-long, hyper-detailed models of obscure ships entirely out of LEGOs.


King spent two months on this mammoth build of the Battlestar Berzerk. The final model measures 73 inches long x 24 inches wide x 14 inches tall and weighs a staggering 54 pounds. It's so large that King had to employ a wooden inner backbone for stability and steel reinforcements for the lower engines that were simply too large to support their own weight.

King plans to dismantle the Berzerk in a few months to free up parts for an even bigger project—a seven-foot-plus model of the Battlestar Valkyrie. Be sure to check out the full gallery of the ship here and, if you're feeling adventurous, you can build it yourself with his instructions on Brickshelf. [MOC Pages via Ubergizmo]

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I just don't get LEGO. I don't mean to offend LEGO fans; it's just me. I never played with LEGO blocks as a kid; by the time they became popular I was already interested in girls. My kids had some I guess, but it was never a big deal with them. I can certainly appreciate the patience and craftsmanship required to build such a large model of something like a starship, but they're just LEGO blocks. In many cases you end up with a blocky, pixellated, non-detailed model that doesn't really resemble the thing you're modeling all that closely. It's like building an 8-bit model in a hi-res world. As a child's toy, sure. But for adult or even teenage modelers, it seems to me that if you're going to put that much effort into a model you should use materials appropriate to the scale. If you like LEGO, then great; enjoy. I just don't get it.

[Well, the picture's borked again. It's a blocky, pixellated LEGO model of the Discovery from 2001]