You Won't Need Chairlifts with the Fastest Snow Car In the World

I don't care that Ken Block's new Subaru-based Trax STI could be the fastest snow vehicle in the world. But if Brian manages to secure it for Snowmodo 2010, I'll be there with my red Zissou hat.


By "there" I mean that I would be driving snowboarders up and down Lake Tahoe's hills. And by "driving snowboarders up and down" I mean racing up to the mountain top and back to the mountain base. And with "mountain base" I really mean bar.

I guess I won't be driving the Trax—with its 400hp engine, cat tracks, and four-snowboarder sleigh—a lot, after all. [Autoblog via Techeblog]



They've been making track kits for cars and trucks for years.


The cleats on the tracks that Ken used look really short and probably explained why he could never accelerate very hard either on hard pack or powder without just spinning the tracks.

Overall I give Ken's execution a big MEH. #kenblockstraxsti