Windows 7 launches a week from today, so you're probably ready for the Microsoft advertising blitz that's already started. But are you prepared for the Apple Windows 7 onslaught?


Oh, that's right. Apple sees Windows 7 as an opportunity for them just as much as it is for Microsoft, since people are looking to replace their computers. So, BusinessWeek says that a tidal wave of new ads is coming that'll, for instance, make fun of the fact that upgrading to Windows 7 from XP ain't easy. (Though, to be fair, of the three things that come in the Windows 7 box, one is a warning to XP users.)

Maybe, just maybe though, Apple will grant us an early Christmas gift in the form of actually new "Get a Mac" ads that aren't from like 2006 (as much I appreciate John Hodgman's brilliance in them). Somehow I doubt it. [BW]