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Family Guy's Seth MacFarlane and Microsoft Team Up for Hackiest Hackathon That Ever Hacked

Illustration for article titled emFamily Guy/ems Seth MacFarlane and Microsoft Team Up for Hackiest Hackathon That Ever Hacked

Hack-tacular comedy murderer Seth MacFarlane is teaming up with Microsoft to create a commercial-free, partly live-action special in which the Windows 7 brand-name will be integrated into the show's content. Commercials might actually have improved this idea.


The show, which will have some live-action performances of the unbearable musical numbers featured in MacFarlane's animated sitcoms, will supposedly "feature unique Windows 7-branded programming that blends seamlessly with show content." In case you don't remember, or are lucky enough to have repressed this memory, MacFarlane actually teamed up with a giant corporate sponsor once before, and it led to humor abortions like this:

Anyway, it's not totally clear how Windows 7 will be integrated into the special (tentatively named "Family Guy Presents: Seth & Alex's Almost Live Comedy Show"), but based on the Burger King disaster, it might not be much more than a halfhearted mention here and there and a few "this isn't a commercial" commercials in between sketches. The special will air November 8th at 8:30 PM (PST and EST), and I give that time specifically so you know to avoid all television that day. [Microsoft]


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Family Guy has its moments, but truthfully, I thought that the pre-hiatus FG was better. This new one is a desperate turd for the most part, using lots of joke dragging and random "The last time I did (random event) with (random celebrity/famous person) with a quick joke clip to go alongside it. Doesn't anyone notice the overuse of that gag? The Simpsons lasted WAY longer before the stale started kicking in. The Cleveland Show just flat out sucks.

As for South Park, the concept, to me, is a lot better than the show itself.