Family Guy's Seth MacFarlane and Microsoft Team Up for Hackiest Hackathon That Ever Hacked

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Hack-tacular comedy murderer Seth MacFarlane is teaming up with Microsoft to create a commercial-free, partly live-action special in which the Windows 7 brand-name will be integrated into the show's content. Commercials might actually have improved this idea.

The show, which will have some live-action performances of the unbearable musical numbers featured in MacFarlane's animated sitcoms, will supposedly "feature unique Windows 7-branded programming that blends seamlessly with show content." In case you don't remember, or are lucky enough to have repressed this memory, MacFarlane actually teamed up with a giant corporate sponsor once before, and it led to humor abortions like this:

Anyway, it's not totally clear how Windows 7 will be integrated into the special (tentatively named "Family Guy Presents: Seth & Alex's Almost Live Comedy Show"), but based on the Burger King disaster, it might not be much more than a halfhearted mention here and there and a few "this isn't a commercial" commercials in between sketches. The special will air November 8th at 8:30 PM (PST and EST), and I give that time specifically so you know to avoid all television that day. [Microsoft]