You'll Believe A Spy Can Animate In Spider-Woman

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Grim and gritty superheroics make a comeback - as if they'd ever left - in the just-released trailer for Marvel's new Spider-Woman motion comic. Click through for animated spies and whispered voiceovers.


It still looks a little hokey to me, but you have to admit - almost anything looks better than this:

The long-delayed Spider-Woman - to be released simultaneously on iTunes and as a physical comic book - is written by New Avengers and Secret Invasion's Brian Michael Bendis, with art coming from his former Daredevil partner Alex Maleev; the first episode of the digital comic will be shown at San Diego Comic-Con at Friday's "Marvel Digital Comics... and Beyond!" panel.

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Chris Braak

I'm just not sure there's a way to do motion comics that isn't fundamentally hilarious. The choppy action, the frozen positions—it's the same principle that makes all those early 1920s newsreels so funny.

And, of course, starting with something that demands to be taken seriously only makes it funnier.

It is pretty good art, though.