You'll Feel Like Iron Man Wearing These Glowing Laser-Etched Shades

There are countless reasons why it would be awesome to wear one of Tony Stark’s Iron Man suits, not the least of which being the slick heads-up display providing info on targets and other nearby threats. But for just $55 (instead of billions) these laser-etched glowing plastic shades provide a similar experience on the cheap.


They’re not animated, though. Those assorted reticules, status bars, and readouts are all static enhancements added to make you feel like you’re wearing super-armor when in reality all you’ve got is a curved piece of plastic on your head. And while it might seem pointless to wear sunglasses at night, this pair actually gets even better in the dark thanks to LED lighting that causes them to glow like a genuine H.U.D. [Etsy via Fashionably Geek]

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