You'll Probably Have to Wait Until 2022 for the Big iMac

Rumors suggest Apple doesn't want to steal the thunder from the next-gen MacBook Pros.

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A redesigned big iMac is reportedly in the works, but if you want one, it looks like you’ll have to wait until 2022. The all-in-one isn’t expected to make an appearance this fall due to delays, and possibly because Apple doesn’t want to detract from the redesigned “M1X” MacBook Pros.

The info comes from Apple leaker @dylandkt, who in recent months correctly predicted the M1-powered iPad Pro and the specs in the 24-inch iMacs launched this past spring.

“Apple simply does not want their devices to compete for attention and delay[s] in product releases have led to this timetable,” @dylandkt tweeted.


That corroborates an earlier Bloomberg report that claims Apple paused development on the larger iMac to focus on the 24-inch version.

As for when in 2022, that’ll depend on chipset timing. It’s widely expected that forthcoming revamped 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros will be the first to feature the so-called M1X chip. Supposedly, this SoC went into mass production in late April, and leaked benchmarks suggest it could offer a significant improvement over the M1. Generally speaking, Apple uses the “X” naming convention usually refers to a refined, slightly more powerful version of a chip. The M1X, for instance, would be an enhanced version of the M1. Meanwhile, the M2 would refer to the next-gen successor of the M1.


According to Bloomberg analyst Mark Gurman, the larger iMac will likely be powered by the M1X, or possibly even the M2X. If it’s the latter, that hints the wait for a larger iMac could possibly stretch into late 2022, as the first M2-powered device is rumored to be a revamped MacBook Air in the first half of next year. This is, of course, highly dependent on half a dozen factors that could change at any given moment. For instance, Apple prognosticators can’t seem to agree whether the chip in the next MacBooks will be the M1X or the M2. Also, another Bloomberg report from May suggested Apple has at least five chips in the works for several different products. Obviously only Apple knows which chips will go in what products and in what order.

While the timing is murky, it appears Apple does have bigger, improved displays on its mind. Last week, the company was also rumored to be working on an external display that could possibly replace the Pro Display XDR. While it’s unclear when that display might drop, the monitor is expected to feature an A13 chip and its own Neural Engine. If you’re waiting for a bigger screen, you’ll have to be patient for a little bit longer.