Your House On Mars Could Look Like This

Your house on Mars could be a two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment with six-sided rooms laid out in a hex-based grid.

It's designed to shield against the cosmic radiation that humans would be exposed to under the Martian atmosphere using depleted uranium panels, and stay warm using water piped through walls and heated using an exothermic chemical reactor buried under the ground.


Sadly, the house only exists as a 3D printed model as of now. It was designed by Noah Hornberger, a designer of 3D printed objects. Hornberger was awarded the first place in the Mars Base Challenge organized by NASA and Makerbot, the creator of desktop 3D printers. This particular creation is called "The Queen B".

Head over the CNET to check out the second and third place winners. Then tell us: what would your dream Martian home look like? [CNET]

Top Image: Noah Hornberger/Thingiverse

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