Your Next Laptop Might Be Made of Paper

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We've seen laptop's made of wood, bamboo, carbon fiber and—most recently—glass. Now, a new plastic replacement based on recycled paper might be making its way to a computer on your lap.

Developed by PEGA, Paper PP Alloy is a paper-based material that's designed to be strong, sturdy, and environmentally friendly. The ideas is that it could happily replace plastics — but because it's made of paper it should, in theory, be far, far easier to recycle.


The material is made from a combination of recyclable paper and polypropylene, and it can be formed using injection molding methods. While some commentators have suggested that it might be difficult to easily separate polypropylene from paper fibers come recycling—pointing out that polylactic acid may have been a better choice—it's still an amazing concept.

For now, this is a great start. PEGA assures us that you'll start seeing the material in commercial use in the very near future. [PEGA]