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Your Old School Trapper Keeper Is Making a Comeback As a Tablet Case

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

In one of the more brilliant ideas to prey upon our nostalgia, the Trapper Keeper is returning to back-to-school shelves in a form far more applicable to our present-day lives: As tablet cases. Here's the even better news: They are bringing back some of the traditional Trapper Keeper designs that you might have stashed in your locker 30 years ago.

Case-maker Kensington is partnering with Mead for the Trapper Keeper relaunch, so in addition to the gloriously 80s graphics, there is also a composition-style notebook, as well as a version of the Pee-Chee sketchbook you might have doodled upon in class.


While these are excellent revivals of an iconic 80s brand, I'm a little disappointed that they didn't go far enough with the graphics. Who could forget the "Designer Series" launched in 1988 which blasted into our lives with radical computer-generated art that we were proud to carry under our arms?


Maybe those are coming up in a future release. For now, the cases will come in two sizes (seven-inch or 10-inch, $25-30) and will fold open into stands so you can watch Facts of Life on your Trapper Keeper. By the way, if you're feeling more analog these days, Trapper Keeper does have versions of its old school notebooks for sale as well. [Kensington via ChipChick]