Your Past and Future Tweets Will Be Archived At the Library of Congress

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Maybe you'll be taking that next tweet a little more seriously, Joe Twitterer: the Library of Congress announced today that they'll be archiving every public tweet made since 2006. That's right: Twitter is now your legacy.

The LoC has moved towards more active web archiving since 2000, when they began keeping track of presidential and congressional campaign websites. But bringing the billions of idle tweets that have accumulated over the last few years under the tent takes things to an entirely different level.

It's too late to change the past and scrub all those ill-conceived drunken 140 character messages of ages past, so don't dwell on that. Instead, look to the future, and the chance to carve out an alternate Twitter identity for yourself in which the things you do and say actually matter! Some examples to get you started:

• Made another March of Dimes donation. I just CAN'T STOP GIVING!

• Running marathons is great and all, but winning marathons? That just never gets old.

• @Alyssa_Milano got ur texts and last night was great but I just don't think it's gonna work out.


Your great-grandchildren will thank you. [ via Ars Technica]