Yup, Verizon Texting Was Busted

That V is for Verizon.
That V is for Verizon.
Screenshot: Victoria Song (Down Detector)

If you’re a Verizon customer and had a hard time texting this morning, you weren’t imagining things. The company had a widespread texting outage that left customers up and down the East Coast unable to send or receive messages.


Verizon Wireless initially confirmed the outage via Twitter, saying it was aware of an issue with its texting service and that its engineers were working to solve the problem. A peek into the replies to its tweet was a litany of peeved customers from a multitude of states spanning as far south as Florida, all the way up to Boston, and reaching into parts of the midwest like Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio.


A look onto Down Detector shows the outages made a large red V (for Verizon?), but it’s unclear at the moment just how many customers were impacted by the outage. Meanwhile, Outage Report noted it began detecting issues around 6:47 am EST. A Verizon Wireless spokesperson told Gizmodo, “We experienced an issue impacting texting services for some customers this morning. Our engineers were able to identify and resolve the issue quickly. Service is now fully restored.”

Still, as of this writing, plenty of people were taking to the #verizonoutage hashtag on Twitter to complain about the experience. They’re also still blowing up Verizon’s mentions. Meanwhile, others have reported that they’re beginning to see service restored.

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Who the FUCK texts? If there are people in your life who use Android, they certainly aren’t worth keeping.