Zazie Beetz Has Some Thoughts on the Future of Domino

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Zazie Beetz hopes she gets to continue to explore her Deadpool 2 character, Domino.
Zazie Beetz hopes she gets to continue to explore her Deadpool 2 character, Domino.
Photo: Fox

Deadpool is coming back. That’s a given. Even with Disney as the franchise’s new corporate overlord, the powers that be have assured fans the Merc with a Mouth will be back to the big screen, dropping F-bombs and killing baddies, just like they want. What Disney hasn’t confirmed though is what happens to Deadpool’s friends, like Cable and Domino.

Speaking to CineXpress (via Newsarama), Domino herself, Zazie Beetz, admitted she doesn’t know what’s happening behind the scenes with her character, but she does have ideas about what she wants to see next.

“I would love to see her origin story,” she said. “It’s really interesting and really complex and makes for a really complex character, which I find interesting. And then also, I’d love to see how her relationship with Cable develops because in the comics they have a relationship and it would be cool to see what that is.”


Beetz seemed a little less confident about whether or not we’ll get ever to see that. “Disney [has] a different audience base than Fox and I hope that they can continue to honor Fox’s audience base,” she said. “Deadpool does well because it speaks to an audience that enjoys the playfulness of life and not shying away from harder jokes...and adult content. I think that’s important in this superhero universe. Yes, you have it for the children but there should be something fun for the adults as well, and I like that about Deadpool.”

No word yet on the future of Domino, Cable, or Deadpool, but Beetz can next be seen in another comic adaptation, Joker, which opens October 4. She talks about that as well in the full interview below.

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