ZipIt Effortlessly Opens Those Annoying Blister Packs

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Wrap rage—one minute your trying to open a new gadget and the next someone is in the ER with a pair of scissors in their chest. I've seen it countless times. ZipIt can help.

Unlike the Open X or the Plastic Surgeon before it, the ZipIt is battery operated, so it should be able to make quick work of blister or clamshell packaging with almost no physical effort. It costs a lot more than the other versions, but if you are willing to pay a laziness premium, the ZipIt can be had for $25. [wrapragerelief]

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Purple Dave

*sigh* Anyone who doesn't know how to properly use their tools shouldn't own them in the first place. Opening blister packs is a very simple process, and should never pose risk of injury. On nearly every blister pack there is a valley corner around the edge. All you need to do is drop a _SHARP_ knife point into that valley, which will help to guide the cut. Cutting away from yourself (in case the blade slips free, so it won't injure you), just cut around three of the four edges of the blister pack, and now you can peel it open and extricate your gadgety goodness from inside. And don't try to use scissors to slice it like a knife. That's not going to be very sharp compared to a utility knife, and will require considerable force to actually pierce the plastic. The more force you have to exert, the more likely you are to lose control. I'd also suggest not using an X-acto knife, as they're not really suitable for long cuts in thick plastic, and with a round handle it's possible that the blade with turn as you cut. A couple bucks will buy you a serviceable utility knife with a few replacement blades, and you're good to go.