Zune 8GB Gets $20 Price Cut, Now $179.99 at Major Retailers

Illustration for article titled Zune 8GB Gets $20 Price Cut, Now $179.99 at Major Retailers

The 8GB Zune seems to have received a no-fuss $20 price cut. The reduction has not taken effect across the board, but we've managed to track the $179.99 8GB Zune to Amazon, Best Buy, Circuit City and Buy.com, all without any official word. Buy.com are only currently offering the black 8GB Zune at the knocked down price point, but we expect their systems may not have been updated just yet. Either way, you can now get your mitts on an 8GB Zune for $179.99 from a string of the major retailers, which means the 4GB player costs $30 less for half the capacity. More price cutting on the horizon? It would make sense. [Bostonpocketpc]



With all this Zune v. iPod bickering going on, it's apparent how far it's come when not a single "What's a Zune?" or "Wow those 3 people who have a Zune will be pissed" comments can be found. ;)