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Zune Accessories: You Know You Want Them

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Yup, today's the day that Microsoft shows off its Zune portable media player for real, and that means it's time to check out what accessories will be available at launch. Right now, there's three main accessory packs that Microsoft is hawking: the Home AV Pack, the Car Pack and the Travel pack. What do they do for you?


First, the Home AV Pack. It's basically a dock which can output audio/video and a remote control. It's supposed to "amplify your Zune experience." Obviously, the idea is to dock the Zune then connect it to your big screen TV or super expensive audio system. Microsoft, always thinking outside of the box.

Next comes the Car Pack, which is the name given to an FM transmitter and a car charger.


Finally, if those two didn't quite churn your butter, there's the Travel Pack. It's there so you and your Zune can travel "in style" like you're about to hit the Roxy on a Saturday night. There's a bag, "premium" headphones, AC adapter, sync cable and a dual connect remote. Yes, AC adapters make you stylish according to Microsoft.

These should all accompany the Zune's launch, whenever that is.

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