Zune Guerrilla Marketer Arrested at SXSW

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First the NYC stunt and now this? A man postering the hell out of Austin with gaudy Zune posters has been arrested. Besides the fact that the guy is putting GIANT posters up on seemingly small lightposts, it doesn't seem like that big of a deal, but there are probably laws in Texas against those kind of things. Wait, isn't Texas famous for capital punishment. Maybe they will execute the Zune as punishment—Whammy! (Just kidding, me love you long time, Zune) I wonder which Microsoft jockey will draw the short straw and have to apologize for this one? Jump to see a shot of the tatted up, postering goon in cuffs.


Zuned! Austin P.D. Hauls Off Microsoft Street Spammers at SXSW [Losanjealous]