Zune Guerrilla Marketer Arrested at SXSW


First the NYC stunt and now this? A man postering the hell out of Austin with gaudy Zune posters has been arrested. Besides the fact that the guy is putting GIANT posters up on seemingly small lightposts, it doesn't seem like that big of a deal, but there are probably laws in Texas against those kind of things. Wait, isn't Texas famous for capital punishment. Maybe they will execute the Zune as punishment—Whammy! (Just kidding, me love you long time, Zune) I wonder which Microsoft jockey will draw the short straw and have to apologize for this one? Jump to see a shot of the tatted up, postering goon in cuffs.

Zuned! Austin P.D. Hauls Off Microsoft Street Spammers at SXSW [Losanjealous]



Everyone wants their message in front of everyone's eyes during SXSW, so the city gets pooped on with marketing schmooze trying to suckle off the withering teet of coolness that SXSW has become to somehow associate it with their very corporate message. SXSW was about music, now it's about how much companies can pay to be associated with the excitement of the dwindling amount of music fans and bands that are here for the right reason—to play and listen to music.

Viral marketing by large corporations is gross—it's political astroturfing monetized. MS should make glossy and boring superbowl ads that show us what the corporation is really about instead, it's far more appropriate.

But, thanks for the free drinks for a week !—I'll be sure to upchuck them into the shitty schwag bag you hand out at your "ultra-hip, ear to the ground" attempt. What's remarkable is I think there are more bloggers/photographers/writers/suits in town than people here for the music. Doesn't anyone just experience something anymore? Enjoy themselves, ya know—without the need to brag about it to a wider audience as if was something unique?

When 3/4 of the crowd is holding camera phones up, who's putting on the show anymore—the band for the audience or the audience for the digital ether? The glow of lcds like a field of lit headstones distract enough to make it unclear.

Welcome to Austin!—don't forget to leave.