Zune Marketplace Songs Play Nice with PlaysForSure Devices?

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Remember when Microsoft decided to create a new form of DRM for the Zune marketplace, making songs bought using their PlaysForSure system incompatible with their new player and songs bought through their new store incompatible with all other players? That was hilarious! Well, it turns out that the wall set up between the two DRM formats isn't as solid as we thought.

Apparently, songs from the Zune marketplace can be dragged onto PlaysForSure devices such as the Rio without any problems. Whether or not this is a goof on Microsoft's part or a quiet new effort to make somebody (anybody!) care about their new player and store is currently unknown.


Either of you out there with both a Rio and a Zune Marketplace account want to try this and confirm that it works?

Zunerama [via Crunchgear]