The fanboys at Zunerama did a head-to-head comparison of search capabilities of iTunes and Zune Marketplace and made a couple of valid points. One, iTunes is unforgiving of spelling errors, while Marketplace will let you enter partial searches or misspell words and forgives you like Google does.

Two, Marketplace searches return everything in that artist's catalog, even songs you can't buy there. The testers also pointed out Marketplace's dynamic searching, working like Spotlight in Mac OS X, showing the results as you type. But was it more efficient than iTunes? We tried a test, and here's what we found:

A pretty good example was entering "van mor moon" and then being able to quickly filter down to Van Morrison's track, "Moondance." We tried it (see pic above) and Zune marketplace really did turn out to be more efficient than iTunes, which was confused by the cryptic search phrase.


When the Zunerama reviewers searched for 500 songs on each music store, they noticed big differences between the two:

"The efficiencies of Zune's Marketplace really stood out in that research project. Zune software may not be perfect, but when it comes to helping you find the music you want... it blows the doors off of iTunes."


Sheesh. How hard could it be for the iTunes store to implement these features? Round 1 goes to Marketplace, but even so, the research revealed that search results came back faster on iTunes.

Marketplace tromps iTunes in search capabilities [ZuneRama]