Zune PR Head Says Babies Will Choose Zune

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In a recent interview, Zune PR head Adam Sohn told the New York Times that "babies are born every day without an iPod. We will get there." There being, presumably, more than the measly 2% market share the player holds now. But babies? Really? Microsoft, I think I've figured out your problem-you're going after a demographic with no buying power. And just like John Kerry touring elementary schools during the 2004 election season, I predict this fool's errand won't win you many more points. I kid, I kid. As pointed out in the rest of the Bits post, the reason the Zune's so far behind is most likely because it's come out with only one groundbreaking feature in the last two years: Wi-Fi access. Everything else—social networking, FM radio, song identification-is like gravy on a filling, but ultimately boring, plate of mashed potatoes. If Sohn really wants to capture more of the market, he doesn't need to wait for babies to hopefully choose his product. All he needs to do is make us grown-ups (you know, the ones with expendable income) go "Woah." [NYTimes]



Babies will gladly waddle through their own throwup. So...uh..yeah