Remembering Chernobyl | Twenty-five years ago, the sky fell on a corner of Ukraine

Top Stories of the Week

Google's Secret Class System

Life in the Googleplex has a fairy tale allure: gourmet food! Ski trips! Giant dessert statues popping up out of nowhere every six months! And if working for the company seems like some alternaworld fantasy dreamscape, well, it kind of is. Just not, it turns out, for everyone. More »

Top Stories of the Week

Senator Chuck Grassley Is the Worst Twitter User in the United States of America

Last year, 77 year-old Iowan senator Chuck Grassley vowed to do anything for reelection-including picking up Twitter. We almost wish he hadn't. Grassley's 1,147 tweets are possibly among the most incoherent, confounding, mind-boggling text on the internet. More »

Top Stories of the WeekWatch How the Police Raid a Cellphone

Everyone knows the cops have tools to get inside your phone. But what do they do? They suck your iPhone's entire soul in 15 minutes. With one single click. This is what it looks like. More »

Top Stories of the WeekThe Worst Royal Wedding Merchandise

Every marketing manager and his dog has dreamt up a little royal wedding cash-cow in time for the nuptials tomorrow. But which gift should you buy-either to send to the newlyweds, or to sheath in plastic wrap and bury under your bed for the grandchildren, who'll only wrinkle their noses and toss it in the bin 60 years down the track? More »


Top Stories of the WeekWhat the White iPhone 4 Says About the iPhone 5

I knew Easter was late for a reason this year: The Great White iPhone 4 is finally here. Nearly a year after the launch of the original iPhone 4, plagued by delay after delay, tomorrow you can buy the phone that seemed like it might never exist. More »

Top Stories of the WeekiSpy: Apple Will Fix the iPhone Location Problem

Surprise! Apple's broken their silence on the iPhone location tracking controversy with an amazingly self-contradictory Q&A press release. Most notable: they say the massive data cache goes too far, and will be fixed in an impending software update. More »

Top Stories of the WeekGIZMODO at 2011 Smart Home – This is it!

As you may have heard, Gizmodo and the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago have partnered to curate the technology for this year's 2011 Smart Home: Green + Wired. The yearly exhibit features guided tours of a modular, eco-friendly home built on the museum grounds and designed to highlight the bleeding-edge of domestic technology. More »

Top Stories of the Week168 Incredible Cellphone Photos

This is the most interesting overall group of photo entries we've had in a Shooting Challenge in a long time. The irony? They were taken on your cellphones.
More »

Top Stories of the WeekWhich of Us Dies First?

What follows is unedited. These are the words of Teru Kuwayama, a photographer who has been to some of the most dangerous places in the world, at some of the most dangerous times to be there, taking the pictures that allow us to imagine what it's like. He is currently leading the project basetrack, which tracks the deployment of a battalion of US Marines in Afghanistan. The opinions in this piece are his own. The words are provocative. We ask that you read them with an open mind. -Editors More »

Top Stories of the Week14 Ways to Use Dryer Sheets that Have Nothing to Do

Dryer sheets. You probably think their utility ended with soft jeans and cozy socks. Nope! Turns out there's a whole mess of other uses for 'em. More »

Top Stories of the Week500 Taliban Prisoners Just Escaped Through a Long Underground Tunnel-Built Using No Heavy Machinery

In their biggest prison break since 2008, nearly 500 Afghani detainees (mostly Taliban members) escaped from the Sarposa Prison through an underground tunnel, dug from the outside. Now the U.S. military is searching high and low, hoping to corral the escapees back in. The crazy thing is that they built this long tunnel using nothing but basic tools-no machinery. More »