A Lego Segway Is as Ridiculously Wonderful as You'd Expect

Lego whisperer Simon Burfield has a knack for taking the plastic building toy well past the limits of what it was intended for. His specialty is building rideable creations including a full-sized wheelchair, and now a rather brilliant Segway clone. » 6/07/13 8:43am 6/07/13 8:43am

Lego Mischief Machine Automatically Folds and Throws Paper Airplanes

You usually have to choose between passing grades and being a mischief maker in grade school. But with this brilliant Lego contraption created by NXTLOG member hknssn13, you can be both. It automatically grabs a sheet of paper from a stack, folds it into a paper airplane, and then launches it towards your target. » 3/12/13 12:20pm 3/12/13 12:20pm

This DIY LEGO Drone Blimp Could Be Watching You From The Sky

If you thought that private, LEGO surveillance blimps were something from some kind of bizarre steampunk dystopia, you'd only be half-right. Two endeavoring LEGO tinkerers, Tyler Westmoreland and Chris Shepard, have brought such a thing into being using nothing but Mindstorms and a couple of balloons. » 2/03/13 10:16am 2/03/13 10:16am

Too Bad This Amazing Lego Digital Clock Will Keep You Awake All Night

Lego savant Hans Andersson has created an updated version of his Time Twister clock that's even more fascinating to watch. If you're in a hurry the complicated spinning mechanisms that slowly update the display will drive you crazy. But if you're a fan of brilliant Lego designers finding new uses for Mindstorms, this… » 11/19/12 1:40pm 11/19/12 1:40pm

LEGO Digital Clock Reminds You How Much Time It Took To Build

He created one of the first Rubik's Cube solving LEGO bots, and even used Mindstorms to tackle Sudoku puzzles. And while Hans Andersson's latest LEGO marvel — a digital clock called the Time Twister — may be a little mundane, it's certainly no less impressive. » 10/27/11 1:40pm 10/27/11 1:40pm