The Next Record-Breaking Lego Tower Could Be Built By a Lego Machine

To claim the Guinness World Record for the world's tallest Lego tower now requires the use of cranes and other machinery to stack over half a million bricks to a height of well over 100 feet. It's a daunting challenge that might have just gotten a whole lot easier through the use of—you guessed it—Lego.

Lego Mindstorms, specifically, as YouTuber Hknssn demonstrates with their clever tower-building contraption that could, at least in theory, build forever were it not for the evil forces of gravity at play. The system isn't completely autonomous, though, humans are still required to build the Lego segments the robot continuously stacks atop each other. But it means that if you were taking a stab at the Lego tower world record, you could put your money towards more pieces, instead of having to rent heavy machinery. [YouTube via The Brothers Brick]


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Jerk Dently

The height of a Lego tower would only be limited by the available number of Lego and the amount of space one has, wouldn't it? Conceivably, a 1000ft or higher Lego tower could be built.