$1 Million Worth in MacBook Pros

Ever wonder what it feels like to get an order of 500 MacBook Pros? Well, the lucky kids at Full Sail School in Florida will soon find out as that shipment you see arriving in the truck is their order. Assuming they all got the entry-level MBP, that's about $999,500 worth in MacBook Pros (let's hope they got the education discount). I've been wanting to upgrade to a MacBook Pro for awhile now and I can honestly say this video gives me the shakes.

Five Hundred MacBook Pros in a Room [Cult of Mac]

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They cut the lock because somewhere along the lines they screwed up and didn't have the key.

I've recieved locked shippments before, they usually mail the dang key.

Seals are used to verify the truck stays shut during shipment. They're either metal or plastic seal-once-then-cut-off numbered bands. The seal number is recorded when the truck is loaded, and transmitted (usually) in serveral formats to the reciever. The seal number gets entered on the driver's paperwork to boot. If the seal's a different number when it arrives, that has to be explained. I can't think of any trucking companies that cut hardened steel locks off just for giggles.

That was someone's screwup or lack of patience being dealt with a bolt cutter.