10 Favorite Gizmodo Posts: April 13, 2007

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Samsung Plays Both Sides—That's right Samsung is the latest to start playing for HD DVD & Blu-ray with the announcement of the BD-UP5000


Nokia Loves GPS—Apparently Nokia wants all of their new mobile phones to start sporting GPS.

PS3 VR Controller Patent—Looks like Sony is trying to sneak by the Wii with this patent application.


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ATI R600 Leak—Check out some new pics and info bytes on ATI's next graphics card.

Sidekick iD Shots—Check out our own shots of the latest Sidekick, even if it is missing a couple features.

DLO Bought by Philips—Good call Philips, maybe this whole iPod accessory market will take off someday.

New Zunes—Don't get too excited it's just two new colors, pink & copper.


WiFiPod—Rumor has it (again) that Apple is going to be releasing a Wi-Fi enabled iPod by the end of the year.


Gizmodo Jumps Servers—Don't forget we're changing servers tonight at 3 a.m.


American Burger Goes iPod—The American Burger Company is going to be adding user-run iPod jukeboxes in their restaurants.


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pepe the king prawn

why do you guys re-post stuff you've already posted? do you have some kind of quota or something?