Sony PS3 to Battle Wii With VR/3D Game Controller?

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Sony's getting desperate to goose the street cred of its slow-selling PS3, digging deep into its idea basket to catch up to the popularity of the Nintendo Wii. Apparently the company's plan of attack is to develop a VR/3-D controller, illustrated in this patent application for a "handheld computer interactive device" spotted today.

It takes the abilities of the Wii controller a step further, where in addition to determining where your hand is in 3D space, sensors in the glove can be triggered by individual fingers, letting you grasp objects or assign each finger to a different function. Added to that is tactile feedback. Hmm. Teledildonics, anyone?

VR/3D Controller for your Sony PS3 [Unwired View]


I own all three: 360, PS3 and the Wii. I just packed up the Wii and sold it on EBAY. It was really amusing for a while, then it got old. If either Sony or M$ come up with a next generation controller, they will own the scene. They got the picture from Nintendo's innovation. And they have the horsepower to take it to the next level.