10 Reasons to Wish You Had an Endless Supply of Liquid Nitrogen

In a perfect world, all faucets have three knobs: hot, cold, and liquid nitrogen. We're not there (yet!) but these ten little party tricks from The King of Random are the perfect reason to wish we were.


To be fair, some of the applications are better than others. Self-inflating balloons can't hold a candle to crazy-flaming-soda-can. But if you were really hard-pressed to find more uses to make up for it, it seems like liquid nitrogen + literally any food = endless amusement.

So if you need to make your next party dope as hell, make sure to grab a Dewar flask and start pestering your favorite chemistry student for the goods. What could be cooler? [The King of Random]

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Just a few years ago a girl in the UK had her stomach completely removed because she drank some liquid nitrogen. I won't be putting that stuff in my mouth :/