For better or worse, the world is overrun with some truly abysmal, positively ludicrous smartphone cases. And you, dear readers, have seen a lot of them. Here are the biggest offenders.

Because when the human race is wiped out, smartphone cases and candy-colored headphones will be all thats left. This is our legacy.

1. The Vape Case

Spotted by SFVapeMan:

I give you the e-cig iPhone case.

2. The Isopod Case

Spotted by whatmatters.

3. "Timeless Styling rainbow pony iphone 5s case"

Spotted by VoodooDarlin:

How about an entire bedazzled pony affixed to your phone? Etsy will provide.

4. The Prosthesis Case

Spotted by phenomejohn.

5. The Brass Knuckle Case

Spotted by Robusto68:

Saw this in the wild yesterday

6. The Crustacean Case

Spotted by phenomejohn.

7. The Coffee Case

Spotted by ImmaLion:

Don't think I've ever seen anything ridiculous live, but Google Image search gave me this.

8. The Case

Spotted by Pessimippopotamus:

Mostly because it costs $500.

9. The Sensitive Leo Case

Spotted by mtsthelen.

10. The Elegant and Understated Case

Spotted by jschintgen:

literally just had someone ask me to charge this as I came across this article...

11. The Don't Bring This Into Any Public Space Case

Spotted by launchpad:

Perfect for use at any bank!!!